Offwhite textures
Learn to make elegant cakes that do not require decoration

Four unique designs

Can be done at home
No chocolate tempering needed.
No decoration needed.
No prior experience needed.
Everything is included
All the measurements of the cakes, ganache quantity, mold length.

Origami mould templates and folding technique
Unique textures
Textures that elevate your designs

Course Program

Cake 1
1.1. Ganache Preparation
1.2. Cake smoothing
1.3. Origami Paper Mold
1.4. Origami Texturing
1.5. Stacking Two Tier Cake
1.6. Velvet Spraying
Cake 2
2.1. Texturing
2.2. Velvet Spraying
Cake 3
3.1. Origami Paper Mold
3.2. Origami Texturing
3.3. Stacking Three Tier Cake
3.4. Velvet Spraying
Cake 4
4.1. Origami Paper Mold
4.2. Origami Texturing
4.3. Velvet Spraying
What you will get
16 Tutorials,
3 hours of learning Downloadable Recipes
Step by step cake designing process in short videos in English with English Subtitles
3 year access
You will have 3 year access to the course videos from the date of your enrollment
2 year online Support
Our team provides online support at every step of your cake making process. You can contact us via a chat messenger on the website and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Certificate of Completion
After submitting all your homework you will receive a certificate of completion.
Offwhite Cakes Course
No, this course is all about cake smoothing and decorating. We work with pre-baked and assembled cakes BUT you can add Wedding cakes course to learn how to bake the cakes.
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