Mastering Cake Flavors

Unlock the Secret to Exceptional Cakes with Our Exclusive Cake Flavors Course

For Whom Is This Course?

Aspiring Bakery Owners
Kickstart your bakery with a ready set of premium filling recipes
Professional Bakers
Expand your cake menu with tested, client-approved recipes.
Wedding Cake Specialists
Offer a tasting box with five diverse, universally appealing fillings to satisfy any client's taste.
Event Cake Makers
Learn to create stable fillings perfect for tiered cakes, ensuring your creations stand tall and taste incredible.

Course Program

Banana caramel cake
Cake #1
Baking Banana sponge
Preparing Caramel filling
Preparing Banana ganache
Cake assembling
Lemon cheese cake
Cake #2
Baking Lemon sponge
Preparing Lemon cream
Preparing Cheesecake ganache
Cake assembling
Poppyseed lemon cake
Cake #3
Baking Poppyseed sponge
Preparing Lemon namelaka
Preparing Poppyseed ganache
Cake assembling
Chocolate cherry cake
Cake #4
Baking Chocolate sponge
Preparing Cherry confiture
Preparing Dark chocolate ganache
Cake assembling
Coffee caramel cake
Cake #5
Baking Coffee sponge
Preparing Caramel filling (different one)
Preparing Coffee ganache
Cake assembling
Cake Smoothing
Preparing white chocolate ganache
Round Cake Smoothing Technique

What You'll Get

  • 5 Signature Cake Recipes
    Each cake includes 3 components – sponge, frosting, and filling, designed for easy swapping.
  • 20 lessons
    Short, Detailed Video Lessons: Step-by-step guidance on making exquisite cake fillings.
  • Measurements in Both
    Ounces and Kg
    Measurements in Both Oz and Kg: Catering to international baking standards.
  • Creative Flexibility
    Learn how to interchange cake components, unlocking hundreds of flavor combinations.
Comprehensive Recipe Book
Discover the art of cake fillings with our Recipe Book.
  • Detailed, photo-illustrated recipes
  • Adaptable calculations for any cake size
  • Exclusive links to ingredients and tools
Extended Access
Gain 2 years of unlimited access to all course video materials and online support, ensuring you have the resources to master cake fillings at your own pace.
Online Support
Direct access to our team for guidance, tips, and answers to your baking questions throughout your learning journey.
Certificate of Completion
After submitting all your homework you will receive a certificate of completion.
No, this course is designed to benefit bakers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
Cake Flavors Course

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