2. Stacking Tiers

Welcome to the Second section of the Origami Zigzag Cake Course!

In this Section of the course I will show you how I assemble foam cake dummies.

What will you learn in this section of the course?

  • How to stack dummies
Assembling Tieres
List of necessary Equipment :
  • 26cm round cake board with a central dowel that reaches about half of the top tier
List of necessary Ingredients :
  • Melted white chocolate
Cake Tiereing Instructions
  1. First clean the holes for the central dowel on tops of the dummies using a palette knife. Find the centre of the dummy and remove the ganache.
  2. Take the cake board with the dowel, and pipe the melted white chocolate around the dowel and where the bottom tier will sit. Then I carefully lift up the bottom tier and thread it through the central dowel. Push the dummy to the board and rotate it, so that the chocolate underneath spreads evenly.
  3. Next, pipe the chocolate on top of the bottom tier and around the dowel. Carefully tear off the dummy from the cake board. Bend the board down until the dummy is released. Push the dummy to the tier underneath it so that the chocolate spreads.
  4. Then pipe the chocolate around the central dowel and the second tier. Carefully lift up the top tier and quickly stack it on top so that the ganache does not melt from the heat of your hands.
  5. The dummies are stacked and are ready to be velvet sprayed. To keep the textured tier clean when velvet spraying, cover it with a print paper. Tape two A4 print paper sheets and wrap the cake with it. Cut the paper a little shorter than the height of the dummy, about 1-1.5cm shorter, so you have a chance to velvet spray the space between the rails on the bottom of the dummy. Wrap the paper tightly so it doesn't slide down. And secure the paper with the tape. And it is ready.
  6. Before velvet spraying, chill the dummies in the freezer for at least an hour. The dummies don't chill in the fridge, the only thing that chills is the thin layer of the ganache on the dummies. And we need that thin layer of the ganache to be really cold, so we put the dummies in the freezer for at least an hour.
You can opt out of using a central dowel when stacking dummies. If you are transporting the cake, it might be safer to use the central dowel to keep the cake in place.
To get a certificate of completion you need submit photos of your cake within the time you have access to the course material. You need to submit photos of your cake and the decoration.
Please attach photos of your stacked tiers below to get a feedback.

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