Origami Waves Cake Course
Welcome to Origami Waves Cake Course!

This is our last and the most challenging origami course. In this course we will be working with pre-baked and assembled square tiers. In the course we will learn how to ganache and texture square cakes, how to make a wavy mould and how to velvet spray two sides of the texture in different colors.

This course is quite challenging and I recommend splitting up the cake making process into 3 days. Please don't get discouraged if you make mistakes or you cannot get the texture or the mould right the first time you try. Mistakes are part of the learning process. We want you know we are here to help and guide you. Don't hesitate to message us. My sister Alua and I will get back to you ASAP. But it may take us up to 20 hours to respond because of the time difference. Good luck!

How is the course organized?
This course consists of 4 sections. In each section you will find video tutorials, written instructions and answers to most frequently asked questions.

I recommend first watching the videos and then reading the written instructions and FAQs. Below you will find a PDF file with the cake recipes and short instructions. You can print out the PDF and take with you to the kitchen.