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Hi, I am Meru, welcome to my school. I am happy to inspire you and to share with you with my favorite recipes and signature cake designing techniques.
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Iliyana Ihburg
" A few months ago I stumbled across Merul Instagram page! When I saw her beautiful art I was speechless! Her work is absolutely astonishing! The first thing in my mind when I saw her work was "Wow" ! The second thought I had was, I wish I could learn how to create all this new techniques! And then I saw that she has online school. I immediately visited her website and saw that she has different classes for different techniques! Without even thinking I decided to get her first class, the Accordion Cake. I loved it so much. Everything is explained amazingly, with such intricate details! Her techniques are amazing along with her recipes! I know some people have some hesitation about learning cake techniques online, and sometimes it can be difficult! However, she found a way to create an online class that is phenomenal! She gives you everything, it's up to you how much you want to learn and grow! Along the way, when I had some questions, she would always respond as quickly as possible! I loved the first class so much and learned so much from it, so I decided to get the Square Origami Cake class, and the Flashlight Cake. Each class is very different and you learn so much from them! She is amazing as a person and as a teacher! I would strongly recommend Merul School. You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Merul! "
Skolastika Grahita Kirana
"Amazing course! Quick reply and help from Meru herself throughout the entire process. She was very amazing. I even received help to find the right equipment for my course and receive explanation on why we do certain things during the process. Definitely recommend this course for anyone. Hope I can save up again to take her other courses 🥰."
Robin Roosevelt Stephan
"One of the best courses I signed up for. Would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to take the cake decorating to the next level Super easy to follow up I fell in love with everything about this course from the easy to make sponge cake to the simple recipe of the velour texture and easy techniques Thank you Meru "

"Just wanna thank Merul for sharing her amazing talent and techniques with the world. Through her hands our generation of bakers had the oportunity to presence one of the most imapcting cake decoration tecniques in the world becoming viral, specialy in my country, Brazil. Origamicake tecnique is a gift to bakers all over the World, and the kind of gift we see only once in a century, it is a legacy!"
Alyanna Frias
"This course was incredibly helpful. The instructions and the videos are so easy to follow. I love all of the tips and tricks that you get from the videos. It is so helpful to watch her bake and decorate because it really shows you what to do in an easy to follow way."
María Victoria Gamboa
"A very complete and well explained course. You give the list of materials, support and videos that allow you to follow the step by step to achieve a perfect cake. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!"
Nina Vulcan
"Wow the course is awesome, thank you for all ....the best investment ever made, it truly deserves all the money. I will definitely do your other courses"
"I am very satisfied and I recommend the course to everyone"
Alicia Cruzado
"The course with the videos is very explanatory and very complete, I really liked it."
Skaidre Mikutaviciene
"Interesting, helpful, understandable, lovely teacher|
Krystie Mariska
"Since i am new to baking and decorating, this course is very easy to follow and i have learned so many new techniques. Cant wait for the next course Chef!"
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