2. Ganache Marbling Technique

Welcome to the Second Lesson of this course !

In this Section of the course I will share with you my ganache marbling technique. After stabilizing the ganache for 8 hours, it get very hard. And to use it for cake smoothing, we need to melt it.
    Ganache Melting
    List of necessary Ingredients:
    • Stabilized Ganache
      List of necessary Equipment
      • Microwave
      • Silicone Spatula
      • Blender
        Ganache Melting Instructions
        After stabilisation in a fridge, the ganache will be too hard to use for smoothing cakes, you will need to melt it.

        How to melt the ganache properly:
        1. In a wide bowl put the amount of ganache you need. Microwave the ganache for 30 seconds (or 20 seconds if at a high temperature) then take the bowl out and give it a stir. Place the bowl back in the microwave and repeat the process of melting and stirring until you see that half of the ganache is melted and the other half is in pieces. When you see that the half of the ganache is melted, stop microwaving.
        2. Blend the melted ganache with unmelted ganache pieces using a hand blender until smooth.
        3. If your ganache is too thick for smoothing cakes, microwave it again for 10 seconds, stir with a silicone spatula and blend again. Repeat the process of microwaving and blending until you are happy with the consistency.
          Yes, you can. When using a double boiler, use a silicone spatula to keep scraping down the boil so the ganache on the side of the bowl doesn't burn. Also make sure there is no water getting into the bowl with ganache.
          Ganache Marbling
          We will make ganache marbling coverage on a 18 cm tall 15cm round cake. To create a marble pattern you first need to smooth the cake with one layer of the ganache.
          For the first layer you will need about 600 grams of uncolored ganache.
          For the marble layer you will need about 420 grams of the ganache : 410 grams of white ganache and 10 grams of black ganache.

          List of necessary Ingredients
          • 10grams of black ganache
          • 410grams of white ganache
          List of necessary Equipment
          • Bowl
          • Silicone Spatula
          • Offset Spatula
          • Plastic Tall Scraper
          • Small Flexible Steel Scraper
          Ganache Marbling Instructions
          1. Smooth the cake with one layer of uncolored ganache.
          2. In a bowl mix white and black colored ganache with a spatula. Mix the ganache in a zigzag motion drawing an "8" figure. Do not mix for too long. If you mix for too long you will end up with grey ganache instead of the marble pattern.
          3. Pour the mixed ganache on top of the cake, carefully laying out the marbled pattern that you made in the bowl. Spread the ganache over the top of the cake in one motion: place the offset spatula on top of the cake with your right hand, and turn the turntable with your other hand. Next quickly spread the ganache over the side of the cake by similarly placing the offset spatula on the side of the cake with one hand and turning the turntable with the other hand. Always keep your hand with the spatula still. Once you spread the ganache over the top and the side of the cake, do not touch the cake, let the ganache on the cake harden.
          4. Once the ganache on the cake hardens, start scraping off a thin layer of ganache using a flexible scraper. Gradually remove the thin layer of the ganache, you will start seeing a beautiful marble pattern on the cake.

          1. You mixed two black and white ganache too much in the bowl as a result your marble turned grey.
          2. You used too much black food coloring.
          3. You spread the ganache over the surface of the cake for too long. By moving your offset spatula too much you smudged the marble pattern.

          Please attach photos of your ganached cakes below to get a feedback.

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